Request for Use of State Capitol Complex Facilities

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Exact location of proposed activity:       West Steps Site Lincoln Park Site
Pearl Harbor Memorial Closing Era Monument Armenian Garden U.S.S. Colorado Memorial Civil War Monument Sand Creek Plaque

Start Time          a.m. p.m.       End Time         a.m. p.m.
(Include set up and clean up times)

If your organization goes by an acronym (initials), indicate full name of organization.


Note: The Contact Person on this application MUST be present for the entire event.

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Event Description

Estimated Maximum Number of Participants        

All Events:
Include a list of all principal speakers, agenda, props, stages, sound equipment and other items to be
provided by applicant/sponsor, if available (approx. number and size(s) of supports, standards and handles, necessary medical/sanitary facilities and other similar items). Also include proposed route of any march or parade and plans for the orderly termination and dispersal of the proposed activity that might affect the regular flow of traffic. If more room is needed, please send email  with the details.

Will you require access to electricity? Yes   No

Will you provide an "Event Marshal"?   Yes   No      

If yes, please indicate how many and how they will be identified.

Position of the person filing the application.


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Request for Waiver of 30 Day Notification

Pursuant to State Capitol Buildings Group Grounds Permit Regulation 6.3:

Applicants may apply for a waiver from the requirements of a minimum of 30 days notice prior to an event. The Executive Director may grant a waiver if it appears that, under the circumstances, it will be possible to adequately protect the public safety, health, and welfare.

Please provide explanation for waiver request